Just across the U.S. border from Lubec, Maine is the Mulholland Light (yes, that's me). You only need an ID and to answer a few questions to cross the border (terrorist infiltration to and from Canada seems to be minimal at this location), and the lighthouse is easily accessable. Note: At the harbor in Lubec is a great little waterside restaurant with fresh lobster and other seafood.
At the far end of Campobello Island is the East Quoddy lighthouse, companion to West Quoddy in Lubec. East Quoddy is located on another island off the north end of Campobello. A third island lies between the two, and is accessable at low tide by means of two iron ladders. If you venture out and the tide returns, expect to spend about eight hours stranded, and the Coast Guard is probably tired of being called to bail out idiot tourists.

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