Old Mission Point Light, Grand Traverse Bay, Michigan. The original 1870 structure survives, although without the original light. The station closed in 1933, and after World War II the State of Michigan purchased the property and established a park in the area.
Grand Traverse Light (Cat's Head point), Leelenau Peninsula, Michigan. Built in 1858, this light served until the coast guard replaced it with a steel skeletal tower light in 1972. The property now resides within Leelenau State Park.
Frankfort North Breakwater Light, Frankfort, Michigan. OK, so it was really foggy, but it was spooky-cool on the edge of the pier! The current steel-plated structure was erected in 1932. The tower is 72 feet tall and houses a fifth order fresnel lens.
Charlevoix South Pier Light, Charlevoix, Michigan. Beautiful day, and a great place to hunt for Petoskey stones. Built in 1948 the skeletal steel tower houses a 10-sided lantern with a fifth order fresnel lens.
Petoskey Breakwater Light, Petoskey, Michigan
Little Traverse Light (Harbor Point), Harbor Springs, Michigan. I want to live in Harbor Springs. What a beautiful place. Currently within a gated community area, this is a close as we could get. Established in 1884, the brick keeper's house and attached brick light tower (towards the right, in the trees) survive.
Point Betsie Light, Point Betsie, Michigan. More fog, the bane of the Lighthouse hunter. Originally built in 1858, the light tower foundation was reinforced in 1890 to alleviate erosion concerns. The keeper's dwelling was enlarged to it's current size in 1894. Point Betsie was the last manned light station on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan until it was automated by the Coast Guard in 1983.
Manistee North Pierhead Light, Manistee, Michigan. Built in 1927, this is the third lighthouse structure built on this sight. The original 1870 light was destroyed by fire soon after completion. The second 1873 light remained in place until replaced in 1927.
Big Point Sable (Grand Point Au Sable) Light, Ludington State Park, Ludington, Michigan. After a three mile walk, most of the darn thing was hidden in fog, but worth the hike. Completed in 1867. After years of battling brick erosion, the entire tower was encased in steel plating and the space between the plates and tower was filled with concrete in 1900.
White River Light, Whitehall, Michigan. Late afternoon, closed, but a good looking light. Main structure was completed in 1875-76. The property was bought by local Fruitland Township in 1966, which now uses the keeper's dwelling as a local museum.
Grand Haven South Pier Inner and Pierhead Lights, Grand Haven, Michigan. One of my favorite lighthouses, and one of my favorite pictures. The pierhead light was the original fog signal building from 1875. It was moved 600 feet in 1905 after the pier was extened. The inner tower was erected at that time.

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